EVENT : Propaganda 2.0

During this event we’ll discuss how social media can evolve from relatively simply communication tools into manipulative communication channels that are often serious pitfalls for companies and governments
A practical example. A paid blog by a communication team in a company that is presented as an objective article by a journalist : acceptable or not ? Is it in line we the Communications Community ethic codes and standards ? Can we ask journalists to step into paid communication on social media in order to promote our messages ? All of these questions are often raised in our community, and we want to discuss this with an expert panel (professor, publisher, media “régie”, all very present on social media). Join us and participate actively in the debate.

The speakers for this event are:  
* Prof. Dr. Philippe De Vries (UA, Department of Communication)
* Guy Vandenbroeck (Publicarto)
* Philippe Belpaire (director Roularta)
* Erik Lenaers  (Director Integrated Media Strategy, Belgian market lead Weber Shandwick)



    • Datum :  28 mei 2019
    • Timing: 11.30u-2u
    • Plaats:  Roularta Zellik     
    • Prijs: €50(C² leden) – €80 (niet-leden)

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