Due to the ever changing Covid figures, we have decided to turn our annual summit into a full online event. This eliminates all uncertainties in time and will enable everybody to enjoy the summit in a comfortable and safe way. 

Keynote speaker, C² board and panel will be present at the marvelous Proximus lounge and will organise the summit which will be streamed live to the participants.  

There will still be a big interactive part, so we do encourage you to already start preparing any questions you might have for our speakers. To make the experience even more valuable, participants will receive a well stuffed summit experience gift box before the summit ! 

Topic Summit 2020

How can the unexpected guide leaders to a new vision?

Taking the Covid-19 crisis, we give the word to CEO’s to discover how they reinvent their company future.

As the Covid-19 pandemic shakes the global economy and disrupts the way we live and work, business leaders are struggling to manage the immediate impact on their businesses, their employees and their customers. However, as history has shown, most leaders are far-sighted and visionary. They have been guided - and have guided their people in turn - by their vision of a better future, once the challenges and crises have been overcome.

  • As CEO, are the thoughts you had before the crisis to anticipate the changes in a normal environment still relevant after a crisis like the one we have just experienced?
  • Were trends such as teleworking, remote medicine, online shopping and digital media consumption also part of your vision?
  • Your assumptions that supported your business model may have changed. If so, in what way?
  • Have you started preparing for the post-crisis period and how? What impact has it had on your long-term vision?
  • The beginnings of the next great technological advances or the next industries are certainly taking root.

Knowing the process that drives a CEO in defining his vision and future strategies will be the subject of our 2020 Summit panel

We are therefore pleased to invite you to this exclusive peer-to-peer exchange aimed at communication professionals whose job is, of course, to translate vision into concrete actions to strengthen the reputation of companies.

All necessary social distancing rules will be applied and the venue is well equipped to provide you a safe and hygienic gathering !
Due to the current circumstances maximum number of entries are limited, so subscribe now to secure your seat !

Prices :

* Member: 50eur excl. vat (incl. surprise box !)

* Non-Member: 75eur excl. vat (incl. surprise box !)

* Student: free (without surprise box)


a.f. 17h30

         Welcoming by our President & Vice President Kris Poté & Eveline De Ridder

        Keynote: Raphael Thys 

Panel discussion: 
  • Guillaume Boutin – Proximus
  • Thierry Geerts – Country Manager Google
  • Gaëtan Hannecart - CEO Matexi
  • Marie-Pierre Fauconnier - Sibelga
  • Yvan Verougstraete, CEO Medi-Market
  • Mimi Lamote - CEO Mayerline

Questions/remarks from the "digital audience"



Raphael Thys Futurologist & Keynote

CEO Proximus

Guillaume Boutin CEO Proximus

CEO Sibelga

Marie-Pierre Fauconnier CEO Sibelga

CEO Matexi

Gaëtan Hannecart CEO Matexi

CEO Mayerline

Mimi Lamote CEO Mayerline

CEO Sibelga

Yvan Verougstraete CEO Medi-Market


Ilse De Vis Moderator

Country Manager Google

Thierry Geerts Country Manager Google





Member : 50eur (incl. surprise box)
Non-Member: 75eur  (incl. surprise box)
Student : free (without surprise box)

This was the Belgian communication Summit 2019 !

 thank you to Motionmakers  - - for making this video happen ! & Walt De Bosscher for the pictures !

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