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  • August 16th, 2021
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The latest World PR Report survey is now ready

An essential tool for raising awareness

The latest World PR Report survey is now ready !

ICCO (where Csquare is a member of) will begin promoting in newsletters and on social media starting from Monday 16th August. As an incentive participants can win one of two Amazon Vouchers (worth £100 / €130 / $140).

Please complete this yourself! It takes 5 to 8 minutes – a bit quicker than usual. This can be done now.
Share on your personal and professional social networks from Monday – especially Twitter and LinkedIn
Secretariats – send in newsletter to members using the below blurb and sample post

*IMPORTANT* - when sharing, never copy and paste the link from your browser, always link to this one: https://survey.opiniumresearch.co.uk/p?qif=322b48c7-8742-4647-9cfb-2c69e00b600d&qsid=cbaf7c61-677e-448c-a18e-0ae92ea15a9c

This is ICCO's flagship piece of research, where communication professionals extract a great deal of value from. It’s also an essential tool for raising awareness of our organisation and work. Thank you for your support. If there are any other networks or channels you think we should contact about promoting the survey (e.g., GWPR, TNO), please let me know.

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