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  • November 24th, 2020
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National PR Questionnaire

We’re curious about the state of our beautiful trade in Belgium

We are very happy to announce that we have three new board members who will join our Csquare Board !

A warm welcome to Korneel Warlop, Veerle Van Mierlo & Nathalie Verbeeck !!

A short introduction:
* Korneel Warlop: Senior Corporate Communication Manager Europe, Middle-East & Africa (EMEA) - BE spokesperson at Barry Callebaut Group.
" As a communication professional I am convinced that communication is no longer a one-way of dictating messages towards specific audiences but that our role has evolved to be a pivot function within the company. "

* Veerle Van Mierlo: Seasoned (corporate) communication consultant l Spokesperson l Press relations l Crisis communication l Internal communication.
" Each phase of the reorganisation represented new communication challenges. I’ve succeeded them all, and went beyond the goals. Three factors are at the basis of this success: I’m good at translating complex messages into a simple and consistent story, getting a maximum output with a minimum of budget and just getting things done."

* Nathalie Verbeeck: Managing Director Belgian PR Practice Grayling CDR Belgium
> Leading the Belgian PR Practice in Corporate, Crisis & Consumer communication

- Multi-discipline communicator with broad experience, including spokesperson competences
- Strategic advice and excellence in performance
- Focusing on corporate communication and issue management, with broader background in consumer communication
- Strategic brand positioning, business development
- HR

We hope that we can enjoy interesting meetings and new insights in our communication sector together.

Qui sommes nous
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